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Bedtime For Charlie - Blackest Cup Of Coffee lyrics

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Blackest Cup Of Coffee by Bedtime For Charlie

85 miles an hour down the highway
I'm running from a world that doesn't want me anymore
Will I find the effort pretend to try
To put things back together this glue just isn't worth the money it was paid
So this is a goodbye
It's hard to live your life when you don't feel like you're alive
What's this giving me a heart ache
The blackest cup of coffee couldn't make me stay awake
Today the ocean has been suck dry
Could this be the worst case of feeling out of place
Tomorrows already gone by
There's nothing left to say this isn't worth the wait
Is 10 p.m. that late
30 seconds till the bombs detonation
Which is the wire to cut red or blue I will blow up
If I do not take the right decision
I've never been that good at rationalising while I'm facing death
Guess this is a goodbye
Apologising is worthless when you know you're gonna die
Can the hero fall In the end
My parachute is stuck so please try to understand
Today this mountains been washed away
It's like this everyday a life made out of clay
Like science fiction
Has evolution done so bad
Well someone says it has I think I'll stand the wait
It's still not half past 8
Hide the gun under the pillow
Nothing else is better than that

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