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Bad Religion - World war iii lyrics

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World war iii by Bad Religion

US government drew up plans
Too much money, got the cash
Break out ? staff
? is a f**kin' mess
They think they know it all.
They're gonna die in the fireball.
? overrule
? play the fool
All day
World War III (x4)
Forget ?
I'll make us have another war.
It doesn't matter what the people think.
These days our President drinks:
"Here I go I'll launch the bomb.
It's headed straight for Guam.
I'll ?
Into your little room
World War III (x5)
@ALBUM: How Could Hell Be Any Worse?
Bad Religion: How Could Hell Be Any Worse? (Epitath EP1-BRLP1, 1982/85)
How Could Hell Be Any Worse? was Bad Religion's first album, recorded back
in 1982. When the band was trying to avoid becoming irrelevant in 1985, they
rereleaed this album. Nowadays, most people probably know it as tracks 1-14
of the "80-85" CD.
The lineup at that time was Greg Graffin (vocals and harmonies), Jay
Bentley (bass guitar), Brett Gurewitz (lead and rhythm guitar), and Pete
Finestone (drums). Greg Hetson was still only a pseudo-member. He laid down
a guitar solo and helped out with the recording, and soon after he was a
full-fledged member, playing live with the band (so even though he didn't
play on either recording from their "original line-up" period, he's
considered to be part of the original band).
Sequence: We're Only Gonna Die From Our Own Arrogance, Greg Graffin
Latch Key Kids, Greg Graffin
Part III, Jay Bentley
Faith in God, Greg Graffin
f**k Armageddon... This is Hell!, Greg Graffin
Pity, Greg Graffin
In the Night, Brett
Damned to be Free, Greg Graffin
White Trash (2nd Generation), Brett
American Dream, Brett
Eat Your Dog, Greg Graffin
Voice of God is Government, Jay Bentley
Oligarchy, Brett
Doin' Time, Brett
The lyrics were taken off the record's liner notes. However, I
changed a few lines to reflect what Greg actually sings.
The song "Oligarchy" is not on the liner notes. Maybe someone else can
help with that one?

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