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Badi - Loser At The Bar lyrics

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Loser At The Bar by Badi

See us gather round' the bar on friday and saturday night
Trendy clubs we all avoid, every weekend that same old sight
Of us drinking our beers, talking about nothing all night long
And when it's closing time I realise there's something wrong
With me sitting here every weekend wasting precious money & time
And after I have finished some drinks I ain't feeling so fine
Because all my worries & frustrations are taking suddenly hold of me
And when I go to sleep that night a loser's life I clearly see
Chorus: I'm a loser at the bar
Drunken man philosophies are passing by all night
And I guess they're based on personal frustrations, and that ain't right
But it's human to act this way when you have a sorry life
Which is led by constant failure, sheer misery and strife
When I look back on the things I've said and done right in the past
I called everyone a fool while the only fool was me,
The curtain is falling now so fast
Is there a reason why
I hated everything & everyone, oh I ran So far away from reality
Because I didn't want to be like them
But who's the fool right now
I guess it's me...

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