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Backstabbers, Inc. - Ask, Answer lyrics

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Ask, Answer by Backstabbers, Inc.

You've had your chance, and you wonder how you f**ked it up so bad. Years of smoke-screens and you have the nerve to ask why the children are the way they are. It's because they haven't seen sh*t. Now it's our turn, and they'll be shown the world they really live in, the one that none of you want them to see. The'll feel the rage that we feel. They'll ask, "what can we do?", and we'll tell them to fight for it. We'll give them bricks for every window. Torches put in each and every little f**king hand. They'll be shown the sweet spots on the hill to watch as every skyscr*per burns. Burns to the f**king ground. You want your war? Now you've f**king got it.

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