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Young Fly MFs Lyrics



BabyTron and Certified Trapper discuss the vibrant swagger of Young Fly MFs.

Producer: BEATSBYSAV Release Date: July 10, 2024

Annotations and Their Meaning

BabyTron and Certified Trapper's album Mario & Luigi has the aggressive and lively single "Young Fly MFs." The song is distinguished by its bold lyrics and colorful images, which highlight the duo's opulent lifestyles, street cred, and uncensored commentary on their experiences and opinions.

Analysis of Young Fly MFs

BabyTron kicks off the song with a slick flow, boasting about his jet-setting lifestyle with lines like "Young fly motherfucker, I might go to DC" and "Touch at LAX and then I'm headed towards the DT." He goes on to describe his lavish lifestyle, citing going on the beach and enjoying life without care. The allegorical use of fruits like kiwi, as well as references to a ghetto girl from South Central, provide depth to his story. Certified Trapper's verse delves beyond his street-oriented themes, highlighting his affluence while disparaging inferior competition. His statements "All these chains on my neck, they ain't moissanite" and "What happened to your money on your borderline?" highlight his financial prosperity and contempt for others who can't keep up. His combative tone is obvious in lyrics like "Split a nigga shit, can't do no robbin'," which demonstrate a no-nonsense approach toward his opponents. Throughout the song, both performers strike a balance between bragging about their accomplishments and discussing the difficulties they've encountered. BabyTron talks about turning losses into lessons, with lines like "Turn a loss to a lesson, can't do no sobbin'." Certified Trapper adds to this by mentioning how he overcame adversity with resilience and strength. The chorus-less arrangement allows both rappers to switch effortlessly, each bringing their own style and lyrical prowess to the table. BabyTron's humorous references, combined with Certified Trapper's unvarnished street tales, make a dynamic and fascinating narrative. Young Fly MFs celebrates accomplishment, resilience, and uncensored confidence. BabyTron and Certified Trapper use their verses to present vivid depictions of their lives, combining luxury and street credibility. The song demonstrates their talent and ability to transform their experiences into captivating music.

Young Fly MFs Song Lyrics

Young Fly MFs by BabyTron

Young ma... vib...
Young fly motherf**ker, I might go to DC
Touch at LAX and then I'm headed towards the DT
Somewhere on the beach getting blowed, but it ain't seaweed
She a green like not no strawberry just a kiwi
Life's hard so stop looking for a freebee (huh huh huh)
Shouldn't believe him whoever said it was easy (huh huh huh)
Let a flame out the stick, this b**ch a tiki (huh huh)
Got a ghetto b**ch from south central like [?]
I heard the opps 'nem bored, I'm finna put em in a ouija
Full metal jackets for that cappin', put him in his beanie
We was zootin' in that shooter, now I pull up Lamborghini
A wish for a thousand wishes, I'll scam a gеnie
Every time shе pop a perc with me she get to actin' freaky
Blowin Zoddy, cuddy on probation, took a black and freaked it
Have you ever seen yourself when you looked up at the TV?
Pouring Quagen on my way to Cali, woke up passing Phoenix
Rockin Pradas, toting blickies, sh*t I'm triple strapped at Neiman's
Tryna take out anger, treat the trigger like a hand and squeeze it
He could never come back to this side, we got him banned for treason
Twenty kitties back to back, let's see who got the fastest demon (huh huh huh)
Time to pray for ocky he'll wack a deacon (huh huh huh)
You ain't durable you'll miss like half the season (huh huh huh)
Unreleased Gen-6, get blast to pieces (huh huh huh)
(And huh huh huh, huh huh huh, huh huh huh)
[Verse 2: Certified Trapper]
All these chains on my neck they ain't moissanite
Your Moncler old as f**k, I just ordered mine
What happened to your money on your borderline?
Why you couldn't pop a perc and had to snort a line?
Excuse me cuz I'm riding around with big sh*t
Big sh*t, walk in galleria with a thick b**ch
Thick b**ch, why you riding in the car listed?
Listed, air a nigga sh*t like a whip-it
Hop out fat black trucks, thought it was Obama
Police b**ch called me, I don't want no problems
My daughter like hunnid, she don't want no dollars
f**k a b**ch friend, ain't got no condoms
A hunnid ain't sh*t, who your role model?
Perc 10 after 10 can't do no bottle
Split a nigga sh*t, can't do no robbin'
Turn a loss to a lesson, can't do no sobbin'
All these f**kin' racks need four pockets
Get up on that stage, now the show rockin'
Get up on this dick, b**ch yo time tickin'
I ain't no motherf**kin pimp, I just knock b**ches
What the f**k is it gonna take for you to stop snitching?
Hundred drum on that b**ch, it won't stop hitting

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