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Saucony Lyrics



Unpacking the Bravado of BabyTron & Certified Trapper in song Saucony

  • Producer: ​byekyle
  • Release Date: July 10, 2024

Annotations and Meaning

Saucony is a hard-hitting track by BabyTron and Certified Trapper from the collaborative album Mario & Luigi. The song ventures through vivid braggadocio, street narratives, and cultural references, with each verse providing an opportune time to flex both members' wealth, critique their enemies, and celebrate their street smarts.

Analysis of Saucony

The track kicks off with BabyTron setting the tone with an energetic intro. In his first verse, he boasts about transforming a place into a banquet and his fluent money talk, dropping lines about brands like Thompson and Saccone, hinting at his life of luxury and flexibility. Certified Trapper's verse takes a bit of a street edge with lines like "switching a nigga up" and alluding to wealth with "cheese in my pocket." His controversial line about being a "snow bunny hunter" adds a defiant nuance, focusing on his raw, unapologetic style. In later verses, BabyTron continues to vilify informants and express his disgust for those who cooperate with law enforcement. Certified Trapper remains filled with graphic depictions of street life, combining humor and menace as he discusses staking out enemies and eating Chinese food. BabyTron's second verse focuses on how he and his crew are shining brightly and being financially successful in a collective manner. He raps about how others want to be infected by this success his crew is experiencing because people see them winning all the bets in Vegas. Certified Trapper follows with how he can move violently and how life has been moving fast for him, but he is still living right, including driving fast in 2024. The lyrical interplay continues as BabyTron questions the authenticity of so-called legends who lack accolades, while Certified Trapper mocks those who suck up for money. BabyTron also mentions overcoming financial struggles and finding solace in purple drank to alleviate pain. As they near the end, the two artists don't drop their prideful and tough-guy acts. Certified Trapper talks of higher levels of violence and being in no mood for BS, while BabyTron references jungle life and letting loose his metaphorical chimps. Closing out with threats of violence and mocking those who boast but don't show proof, Certified Trapper wraps up the song effectively. Saucony is a combination of bravado, streetwise sensibility, and the flashes of grand lifestyles that BabyTron and Certified Trapper use in their descriptions. Their lyrics are rich in themes of money, loyalty, violence, and critique of their peers. The song is a testament to their collaboration, blending their distinctive styles into a cohesive and compelling narrative.

Saucony Song Lyrics

Saucony by BabyTron

[Intro: BabyTron]
Whew, ayy
This recordin'

[Verse 1: BabyTron]
All the food in the spot, we done turned it to a banquet
Money, money, dollar, dollar, skrill, that's my language
Thompson and Saccone, I might switch up to the Asics

[Verse 2: Certified Trapper]
Switch a nigga up, he was slippin' in the Matrix (You're not making this easy, Kyle)
Cheese in my pocket, I ain't no Freemasons
Snow bunny hunter, f**k around and be a racist

[Verse 3: BabyTron]
I can't f**k with him, he givin' information to the agents
I seen him comin' out the station

[Verse 4: Certified Trapper]
Slide down his block, fap, hit him, get vacationed
Sesame chicken, got me tryna f**k that Asian
Third wheel with y'all b**ch, she ablation

[Verse 5: BabyTron]
Coupe from outer space and think that we invading
Whole gang gettin' paid, this sh*t must be contagious
We the favorites when y'all go and play some bets in Vegas
[Verse 6: Certified Trapper]
If you try to strip me, I'ma send your ass to heaven gates
Beat the f**k out you like anime
2024, fast sh*t, it's not a centipede

[Verse 7: BabyTron]
How the f**k you legendary, you never had no accolades
Harder to find than a needle in a stack of hay

[Verse 8: Certified Trapper]
Look at lil' b**ch suckin' up for the afterpay
I can have a lil' birdie on yo' ass for a rack a day
I just let the perky melt all the way down for the aftertaste

[Verse 9: BabyTron]
I was broke down bad til that package gang
I just poured a four with purple hoping it'd attack the pain
All season max my shot out, I had to add some ring
If you took my job at being pilot, you would crash the plane
Everything bust nowadays
But if I see that rose gold prezzy thang, I'ma cash it plain

[Verse 10: Certified Trapper]
Next Lamborghini truck, I see, I'ma hit the bank
Lil' b**ch call me over, I ain't f**k, that b**ch is jank
All these hoes, clowns, and you kissin' the face, I paint
30 milligrams, not a clue, a eight, I drank
[Verse 11: Certified Trapper]
b**ch, I'm grumpy, I ain't in the mood
In the car playin' Reezy, get greasy with six twos
If you on tight, no, go knock yo' sh*t loose

[Verse 12: BabyTron]
Had a big mouth, now he talkin' with a chip tooth
Rilla in that jungle, it ain't sh*t to let them chimps loose
Certified sippin' on some Morty, rockin' Rick shoes
Fetty Wap [?] turn some fish food

[Verse 13: Certified Trapper]
Brodie you up and slam you on yo' ass like you Zissou
Follow any car from the venue, we gon' blink you
.223s, wet his ass up, rip his tissue
Hey, where the motherf**kin' cough, I gotta hit you
You was real tough, I brought it in there with yo' pistol

[Verse 14: BabyTron]
My vision clear, I'm talkin' crystal
Coach tryin' the next chain, might be a whistle
Hell Kitty smoke, LEDs for the whiskers
Talkin' about some loud, he pulled up with some whispers

[Verse 15: Certified Trapper]
You are not invited, we on Metro Pass
I don't know what the f**k wrong, we done spanked his ass
Where the ambulance, I just stretched his ass
Nigga pulled up with short money, done blessed his ass

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