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B5 - All over again lyrics

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All over again by B5

y u gon give me back my chain and u aint even
gont give me the chance to explain its so typical
we've been here before aint nuthin changed
y u go give me back my chain we just been thru this
babe its just like ground hog day like yesterday
and the day before and the day before that (gurl
i bet i know wat u bout to say)
u say that ima big liar and u bout to say u say u
gettin sick and tired and im gon say ooooooo u
trippin gurl ima out of here but this is how we
play baby its okay
gurl i wanna do it all over again cmon lets do it
like we always do brake up and make up and
brake up and then were makin up here we go
again oooooo gurl can we argue all over get
jeolous all over cuz i like gettin bak with you
baby ooooo lets do it over and over all over and
over again
u always wear that chain unless on the very same
day that we just had a fight its so typical we've
been her before aint nuthing changed oo whoa
all ur gurls stay in our biz its like they know before
we we even call it quits wen u throw ur fits i get over
it i cant even get mad (gurl i bet i know wat u bout
to say)
(lil b)
u know i aint gon leave u mean so much to me
u know we go thru these changes on the regular
gurl if it was any other gurl ill b gone like yesterday
u r gonna stay here
i remember wen we went on the bus all the niggas were
pointin at us i know u know this can be a lil serious
this love is real serious serious u be rockin tha flow
then u come back fo mo back back forward forward
and back and i guess thats how we roll

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