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Away With You - Where's Mr. Cookie Pants?! lyrics

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Where's Mr. Cookie Pants?! by Away With You

I look back on my entire life
Safely say I've never stood up here for anything
Than this feeling I have inside
You don't care about why I'm on this stage
It seems that you have other plans for me
I'm glad you're showing up
It's quite flattering to hear just what you want
But if you think that there is no way in the world
That I could pass this up
You're wrong
That's not what I'm here for
Whatever you expect of me is something in which I will not believe
You're here for the pleasure
But I've got much better things in mind
I'm here to satisfy my drive
2... 3... 4... times you ask me to come over to your house after a show
You'd bring your friends and I'd bring mine
Soon good times would result
I'm not one to judge
It's the life you chose
But all the plans you have I will not condone
I'm going to sit this one out
Throw in the towel
I'm much older now.

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