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Avias - Frightmare lyrics

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Frightmare by Avias

I got 5 rappers in a house full of fright
Somebody surely getting their vocal box rip tonight
All hell breaking loose like some hair that's too tight
It's avias seay da nemesis that's on the mic
No, these rhymes aint sweet so please don't shake my hand
My name buzzing in the streets like I am candy man
This aint no sci fi thriller or freddy kruegars hand
This is the bars of the nemesis now prepare for revenge
These rappers channeling a legend of lyrics that go hard
Channeling a rapper killer, groupies, some mean bars
These rappers opening a portal to a different demension
They need to be schooling off me um putting em right in detention
All these thugs didn't believe I could rap
Couldnt get a high five or a dap
Now I'm getting more, traffic than a trap
I told these lame, no brain, niggaz they could go take a nap
Groupies all up on my swole like strippers on a pole
Records sales so high went platinum then back to gold
Um the king of the L like trina to miami
Think I'll I drop a couple tracks think I'll win a few grammys
Niggaz be asking for collabs but they know that I don't need ya
Trying get on how I got on seeking answers through quija
But I'm crafter than a project and wizer than a wizard
I be styling profiling the rest of yall look like lizards
I get right down to the point cause I am so leegit
No my name aint skeet bwoi but haters can bend and get it
I'll build a fortune off lame rappers when I drop against there's
Build a mansion 5 bedrooms, 3 garages and stairs
Then call me famous brick kidd cause my house is so big
Haters getting nightmares cause I'm the phantom within
Leaving polk county asap gone till tomorrow
Scaring the upcoming artist amityville horror
I thought I might've been too much when I drop the first verse
Listeners glue'd to they speakers like I gotta em so cursed
If a rapper want to battle then I'll pick out they hurse
These rappers getting left overs while I'm handed the first
Niggaz get up off me I know yall girls just admire me
can't help they got my name scribbled all in they diaries
Dear artist if you in the rap game please retire
P.s. avias taking over bringing that fire
The world need music blasting from they speakers at home
Love me now cause in 1 year yall kissing me through the phone
I'll be flying out to canada then hitting rome
I need all my cash and meat down to the very last bone
Yes I'm young but I came to save hiphop quick
I'm a superhero, need a name? call me supa jitt
No need to fear cause I'm here demolishing bars
Keeping my name in the paint like I just came from mars
I go har har har har hard
I know a lot of new rappers might find this harsh
But I came from a place of red craters and marsha
A futuristic world with martians and flying cars

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