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Avias - Bad lyrics

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Bad by Avias

Yo dis a movement I got my boy jaz hardy on the track
Bad girl bring that right backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Now yall already know when we step to the club
That we looking for a girl that's bad for the thugz
I aint talking about your ordinary average chick
But a lady I can get real extravagant with
Shawty gotta be "Bad" thas the name for the game
If shawty looking right she can gather some fame
Cause my name ring ears like traffic in streets
Me and my boy " jaz" the only two niggaz to meet
So if you feeling right and when you step on the scene
Just know um here thugging with my drink and my team
Cause um ready to see what girl I wanna have
And we looking for them shawtys who is really bad
Chorus: Lil mama body full grown
Rolling them hips make a nigga
Wanna beg for more throw some doe
And take her home
Now go ahead girl shake yo make yo ass twirl
Throw a little mo girl bring it right back up (2X's) (HELIUM)
Bad as you can be like you riding a bike
Give me a high momma like I'm flying a kite
Me and jaz hardy fina ride on dis track
And if you get tired mommie bring dat right back
Cause I'm a florida boy mommie and I'm looking for fun
You can hop in my whip and spend a day in the sun
But you gotta be bad thas what matters the most
Give me becky I wont tell I'm not the type dat boast
I need a girl dat is hott something never seen before
If I leave you come back cause you wanting some more
Keep it classy I aint asking for a number one hore
But a girl thas real bad we can travel and tour
Now go ahead girl shake yo make yo ass twirl
Throw a little mo girl bring it right back up (2x's) (HELIUM)
B. A. D. Now I dun spelled it out
J. A. Z. you know what we be bout
Krazy is how we liking our chicks
Thick thighz sexy legz dime piece yo dats it
Nothing less nothing more just sexy and fine
Like a dope boy lady girl I call you a dime
Anywhere you want to meet me just call me the time
If you less then 10 cent shawty then you aint mine
Mo beat fo da ass girl now let me see you shake
Mo lyrics fo da head girl where we gone stay
If you aint feeling us then girl just say
A bottle of liquor dro on da side girl I know you gone stay
Chorus: now go ahead shake and make yo ass twirl throw a little mo girl bring it right back up!

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