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Avail - Predictable lyrics

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Predictable by Avail

Ho Bo's at the front door Spitting hate in her face Saying, "I don't give a fuck" Father's stumbling up the stairs Saying, "Fuck you if I"m late" He don't give a fuck
Someone's broken down the stairs Can't get outside, but I don't care The ones who count are all here Can't say I'd be right anywhere
Toast is spreading jam again To Urk the famous phrase "What are you talking about?" The Maxima has got what you need His wholey noopy it don't bleed He don't give a fuck Chuck-a-chuck-a-foe-fuck No no no no no no Chuck He don't give a fuck
Look at the scum on the rock Doing the scumina walk Hey
Reesies pieces painting Pepsi posse oi

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