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Thoughts By A Weary Man's Side Lyrics



Thoughts By A Weary Man's Side Song Lyrics

Thoughts By A Weary Man's Side by Autumnblaze

It won't be darker
Everyone told me
It won't be darker
A flowery phrase
Some friends are leaving
They simply go to sleep
And shaking darkness
Slowly ripening
I saw a weary man
He watched the playground
Where children dreamed of things he used to dream of...
"One says that every sort of human being loses, after reaching
a certain age, his ability to see
The world with amazing eyes. But who can maintain this without the knowledge,
Without the wisdom of infinity? We're still dazzling ourselves with
sparks of ignorance.
I won't go that way!"
I saw the weary man
He turned his heart away from the playground
He looked so sad - as sad as me

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