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A.Tone Da Priest - Directions lyrics

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Directions by A.Tone Da Priest

{Sonia Emore}
I don't know which way to go I only got two directions
Directions directions
And if I choose wrong path my heart will go into a
I don't which way to go
If I go to the left
It can lead higher places (No one has ever seen)
You can only dream
And if I go to the right
I can have everything diamonds and pearls
Everything in the world
If I make the wrong turn
It would give me devastation
Forever forever
May look like I know
But I don't, I don't know which way to go
I don't know which way to go
If I go with my first mind, the chances are fifty fifty
That I will be happy all the time
But if I go with my heart, the other half of me can see
All the greatest things in life
But if I choose wrong there's a great possibility
That I can live in heart ache for eternity
I choose wrong, everything that was meant to be
Can disappear and I will be left with nothing
{ Da Priest}
Back to the wall I must stand tall
All odd against me but I cannot fall
Make the right call or be left with nothing at nothing
At all (2x)
Two destinations calling me
I don't know where I should be
All these thoughts running through my mind can be
Two locations calling me
One is we're I'm supposed to be
Decision decisions I just can't make up my mind
I don't know which way to go
Which way they keep on calling me
One way to my mind now I'm mindless and I can't even
The other way to my heart and now I feel so empty
If I choose wrong my soul will floating lonely street
{ Da Priest}
To the left or the right which road should I take
Can't guess must be right, no room for mistakes
Resume after breaks, gotta keep on going
Knowing what I've blown in dough I better keep my ends
Keep the kush smoking hopin that I learned my lesson
Stressin that my past transgressions are the ammo for
Your weapons
Hecklin on until I'm dead in graves, but hate it never
Phase him
Hate in eyes and so the prize seems out of place and
Far away
In a way I feel so crazy, bravely venture from the norm
Worn path I'm dashing down it's dark I'll never see the
Oh my mind is so torn these decisions that I'm making
Aching heart, where should I start with all these
Problems I'm creating
All the bridges I've been breaking non intentionally in
How I react if I feel I'm being stabbed in the back
Steady searchin for the fact, forward thinking my
Getting back up on the road, so I must find the right

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