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Numb Lyrics

Atlas Losing Grip


Numb Song Lyrics

Numb by Atlas Losing Grip

It ain't easy not to care, leave your conscience unaware
Of this shit that surrounds you.
It takes practice and commitment
To avoid getting emotionally involved.

Years and years
Walking through life
With your eyes closed, a way to survive.
'Cause if you let it in, they will eat you up
From the inside, from the inside.
Chew you up and spit you out!

Sorry to rain on your parade,
But what the hell is the root of your fear?
Seems you're only taking up space.
Tell me who are you and why are you here anyway?
You look alive but you're numb on the inside... (numb on the inside)

It ain't easy not to care, keep your conscience unaware
When reality haunts you.
Your problem seems to be,
You can't relate to anyone but yourself.
You can't relate to no one else...

Like a wasteland you are dead inside.
Like a cancer indifference has spread to your heart.

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