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Asia - Tears lyrics

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Tears by Asia

Tears in my eyes, tears in my eyes
Feeling like there's nothing left to say
Maybe I should wait for another day
One more day
Tried to find myself, but now you're gone
I had to find the strength to carry on
Carry on
Tears in my eyes
How they fall like rain to the floor
Where do you go when the summer's gone?
Walking away is the same as closing the door
Can you look at the sky when the sun don't shine?
Look in my eyes
You can see my dreams on the floor
Where do I go now the summer is gone?
Run through the field like a child who's closing the door
You're feeling the wind now the sun don't shine
Losing you would always be my fear
Never knowing if you'd still be here
Still be here
Remembering the words you said to me
Saying that you had to set me free
Set me free
Ghosts of love will come
Now the light is gone
Haunting my soul
Never letting go
Through my broken dreams
Hear you calling me
Lonely like the wind
Echoes back again
Feeling like there's nothing left to say...

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