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Ashanti - Shanti shia skit lyrics

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Shanti shia skit by Ashanti

(Hey Shia,Shia)
(C'mon you gotta come and
practice this song)
( Cause mommy's comin home soon
and u know she's gonna wanna
hear it so c'mo shia i know its hard
or whateva but as long as
you keep practicing you'll be fin',um
you know what let just try a warm up with
that old record we use to do back in the day,um)
I gotta get out and learn
what life's about be sure
that your the one for me
me and if so i'll know
but know i don't so
let me go and see....
(you member that otha part that use to go with it)
let me go... let me goooooooooo
(yeah I remember that part)
let me go let me gooooooooooo oooo for me
(is that right Sha)
(yeah yeah thats good)
then the last part was)

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