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Album: Starve For The Devil (2010)

Album: We Are The Nightmare (2008)

13 Year Old Ruby
18,000 Lira
A Feast For The Liar's Tongue
Alcoholics Unanimous
Am I Normal?
Bad Weekend
Blame It On The Trains
Burn It Out
Canadian Unigog
City Of Angels Cakewalk
Claiming Middle Age A Decade Early
Cuffed To Your Ankles
D-Sturbed Words
Date Of Birth (Intro)
DC Comics And Choclate Milkshake
Demon's Out!
Direct Hit
Emily Kane
Every Other Weekend
Failing Winds Of Hopeless Greed
Failure's Conquest
Fat Laces
Formed A Band
Geembo's Theme
Good Weekend
His Hate, Her Love
I Will Survive
It's About Time
Jealous Guy
Language Arts
Late Sunday Evening
Lunchroom Take-Out
Maternity Ward
Modern Art
Moving To LA
My Little Brother
My Oath To Madness
Mysterious Bruises
Nag Nag Nag Nag
People In Love
Post Soothing Out
Progressive Entrapment
Pump Up The Volume
Really Bad Weekend
Respect The Unexpected
Rhyme Time Travel
Robando De Los Muertos
Rusted Guns Of Milan
Save The Castle, Screw The Princess
Scobra Vs. Cupcake (Battle Of The Bulge)
Self-Righteous Spics (Anthem)
Servants To The Night
Shat Shart Tart
Shattering The Spell
Shoeshine For Neptune
Sightless Wisdom
Slap Dash For No Cash
So You Think You Know About The Game Of Life
Sound Of Summer
Space Junk
St. Pauli
Stand Down
Stay Lo
Summer Job
Taiwanese Troft Trouble
The Passenger
The Replacements
These Animal Menswear
This Time You're Gonna Get It Dirty Shirley
To Get Eaten By The Rats
Twist And Shout
We Are The Nightmare
We Be About
What A Rush
What You Want?
Whatever, Whenever
Worlds Collide
Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Album: United In Regret (2006)

Album: A Diamond For Disease (2005)

Album: A Celebration Of Guilt (2004)

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