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Army Of The Pharaohs - Pull The Pins Out lyrics

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Pull The Pins Out by Army Of The Pharaohs

[Intro: Celph Titled]
Yeah, haha
Turn the lights on, party's over motherf**kers
Celph Titled the ammunition magician
The Esoterrorist
It's the Army of the Pharaohs for real for real
[Verse 1: Celph Titled]
Back with the "Kill-Death-Murder", you better check your computers
I won't ever cheat on my b**ch but I'll still sleep with a luger
You can see my reflection in the chrome, it stays blazin'
I guess my gangsta's all smoke and mirrors
Kidnap you in the basement with hatchets and cleavers
So every time after that you hearin' the Wu-Tang torture skit, and you havin a seizure
f**k your street cred, I'll turn your street red
I'll skin the head of a skinhead
Celph Titled and ES raisin' hell without Pinhead
It's been said the Pharaohs immortalize rhymes
We kept heist plans in a trapper keeper -- that's organized crime
You might arrive in a stretch limo, tinted out
But you'll leave on a stretcher linen with no mouth, neck broken and ribs stickin' out
[Verse 2: Esoteric]
We the gorillas, its the season of Ichi The Killer
Your CD is filler so we beef like manilla
My sneakers: peach and vanilla
Call me Michael Jordan while recordin'
Slide a sword inside your organs
Speak from the pillars
How real is ES for that scrilla?, I build with godzillas
Militant flotillas that believe in shootin' first like Reggie Miller
The illest of all sorts, he spit that fire motherf**ker
To leave you lookin' like dude on the "Legacy of Blood" cover
[Chorus: Celph Titled]
Soldiers stand up [UP!]
Ready the artillery
SALUTE! your comrade
Eliminate the enemy
Fire in the hole [hole!]
We lettin our grenades [blow!]
It's like we pull the pins out every time we pull our pens out
[Bridge: Celph Titled]
By now you should know theres no f**kin' around
It's the Army and it's goin' down
We came to take it all
And there ain't no stoppin' when the cannons start poppin'
[Verse 3: Celph Titled]
I wish a motherf**ker would yap their lips
'Cause whether I'ma rap or load a clip
Either way that you look at it, a mack's about to spit
At crackhouses, I'm out with, real killers not rappers
Who keep pumps on our lap like we inflicted with asthma
Addicted to disaster, every last bullet, I ain't savin' none
Can't say hi to my neighbors 'cause I might wave a gun
Aim at the sun and you can shoot for the stars
Put on your beat, we'll turn it off, won't even let it loop for a bar
We known to keep your head an obstruction
Preach death and destruction
Cop diesel when I cock the eagle, and thats not for nothin'
My shots always hit their target after the smoke sprays
'Cause we store bullets in cat shelters so there's no strays
[Verse 4: Esoteric]
We sinkin' arrows through your mink and pink apparel
The pharaoh, king of the battle, on the brink of insanity
Frantically, I'm sprayin' ink out the barrel
Your way of thinkin' is narrow
We breakin' bones baby, drinkin' the marrow
These psychics blink at my Tarot (You serious?) That's hilarious
You rollin' up in chariots and leave in wheelbarrows
I'll have you wrapped in plastic just like the food in fruit baskets
I'll have your crew in suit jackets, all sad when viewing the casket
Now they pursue and attack us to rep for you and get back at me
But I'm rollin' with the army, motherf**ker you can ask for me
And even when I'm outnumbered, I shut 'em down
Like Teddy Bruschi and I proved it in the past so don't you f**k around
Call me stupendous with sentences, pen a genesis
Chemists with seven venomous menaces on your premesis
We write the Torture Papes, orchestrate ways to slaughter fakes
Formulate tapes and tour the states, I can ride with Norman Bates

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