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Ari Hest - Getting Close lyrics

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Getting Close by Ari Hest

Oh, don't you know this is what we need
Time to follow one another's lead.
Time to formulate a foolproof plan.
Now, I've been thinking 'bout it for quite some time.
And, Lord, I know that I have crossed the line.
How could I neglect my flesh and bone?
For your troubles I wish to atone.
If in your eyes, I'm less a criminal
And if I can't set my course.
I wouldn't say we're round the corner yet,
We just might be getting, we just might be getting close.
All we got ahead is open road.
And years of baggage still left to unload.
I'd turn the clock back on us if I could.
Don't go easy on me, it won't do me good.

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