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Scarred For Life Lyrics

Argyle Park


Scarred For Life Song Lyrics

Scarred For Life by Argyle Park

Impassive, unaware, in peril, unprepared

You never told me you never cared
You never showed me what I would face out there

Intimidate, expansion, in dispose, expulsion

Regression, Misdirect, Repression, Misguided


'Attention, you are now entering the demarkation area. You now have the option to terminate and be cremated on the premisses'
'All your imperialist weapons and lies can't save you now. We're going down! We're going to crash!' -Brainscan

'Once you're inside you're on your own.' -Brainscan

'This place will now be your holding pen till death. Because death is the only way out. There is no chance of reprieve here, no possibility of escape. You are condemned. Either accept it or die.' -Escape From New York

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