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A//Political - Rebels In Sheeps Clothing lyrics

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Rebels In Sheeps Clothing by A//Political

Rebels in sheep's clothing, what do you know
Follow the leader to the status quo
Parrot the language you don't understand
Accept the traditions, play into their hands
Where's the rebellion in the same hate
The myriad of prejudices which you perpetuate
P.C. backlash and media lies
Scapegoat label to hide behind
Dittos to the Rush Rooms and their conspiracies
Rewrite the language with media complacency
Unrelated incidents and a flurry of hate
Meld together, form an ideal type
Simple classifications to devalue the words
Of voices screaming in a hope to be heard
It's the same old story for the power to remain
Blaming the victim and the structure's maintained
Rebels in sheep's clothing, what have you changed
External appearance and the world's still the same
Safe little rebellions where everyone's hurt
A weekend commitment, no need to convert
No need to question, no challenge is made
The prepackaged role that anyone can play
Wear the uniform of the preferred fraternity
Boy's club machismo and false comraderie
Turn back the clock to a time that never was
Play into the hands of the reactionary cause
Accept their vision of the way things should be
Freedom for yourself is not anarchy
Confused by hegemony and by rhetoric
It's easier to follow than it is to think
And when it's all over you can safely return
To the place in society that your birthright has earned

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