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A//Political - Idealized Attraction lyrics

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Idealized Attraction by A//Political

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Who's the fairest of them all
Emaciate beauty with pale white skin
A vacuous stare and deathly thin
Idealized attraction-a cultural lie
For the sake of acceptance woman die
The media conception ignores what is real
There's no consideration for what you feel
Forced subservience to the male gaze
Torture yourself for the latest fashion craze
A healthy body is perceived as too fat
The cultural standard is one that is flat
No fatty deposits except tits and ass
You're all imperfect as the media harass
You with advertisements for the latest diet
Unnecessary starvation and still you buy it...
Buy into their lies, buy into their schemes
Buy into their lifestyles, but into their dreams
Pay for the products that increase their wealth
Pay for an image that threatens your health
Fashion breed diets and compulsive exercise
Drugs and behaviors which may bring your demise
A true image of beauty rests inside your soul
Ignore the ideals that your being sold
Madison avenue and Hollywood dreams
Do nothing but shatter your self-esteem
You body is perfect in it's natural state
Beauty's subjective, it's not up for debate.

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