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Antagonist A.D - Wolves & Cowards lyrics

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Wolves & Cowards by Antagonist A.D

Tonight's the night, we come clean,
Truth is, I got nothing to say.
But you can't see your desperation anyway.
This is the point when the lights are meant to go
You and everything seems to hit?
But the lights just get brighter
And now the crowds start to form.
The words break and the silence hits.
Relentless, crushing, can't shake the disbelief.
It's hard to think I once called this place my home.
So I retreat to the only place I know,
The only place that holds me.
The only that holds me,
The only place that I can go.
I take the spotlight it seems
And look into the dark
(Instantly surrounded by wolves and cowards)
I see the hunger in their eyes,
But they wont feast tonight,
Cowards, words not faces, liars, disgraces
You wont break me, you wont break me.

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