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Anna Matthewson - Beautiful Life lyrics

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Beautiful Life by Anna Matthewson

It's gonna be beautiful
Diamonds and spider webs of sunshine
Bouncing back and forth on the
transient sand
The spectacular underwater world moves
With uncontrollable motion
The inhabitant's float and dance
Within the gaze of hundreds of
wide open eyes
Their scales beam with illuminated colour
Burnt like rainbow embers
Can you feel the expectation rising
The dreams that live inside are flying
Can you feel the limitations dying
Anticipation is rising
Can you feel the hope within you fighting
Peace awakes as you're realising
It's gonna be it's gonna be it's gonna
be Beautiful, beautiful
As a deeper more meticulous look
Reveals the subtleties of indescribable design
Splashed like silk across the silent entertainers
So too does a saturated consideration
Of a gentle life reveal
The inner facets of unadvertised grace
So I anticipate with hope
The moments of magic in life yet to be found
And see it reflect brilliance
In the engulfing light, the engulfing light
The engulfing light of a Father

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