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Anjani - Ain't foolin' no one lyrics

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Ain't foolin' no one by Anjani

Holding a secret here in my heart
All my defenses torn apart
There's no escaping letting you in
Why do I still resist this feeling
Cause you probably see right through me
Ain't foolin' no one
Now I must be certain I'm not being misled
Sometimes emotion leaves me blinded
The moment arises when I could let go
Leaving our spirits free to soar
But if you only seek a moment's pleasure
Ain't foolin' no one
Darling, I'll confess I've come to love your sweet caress
Hold onto me till I'm strong and fearless
What's the purpose of rushing right in
You just can't hurry on a good thing
And since true devotion will reign in the end
And I'm so close to giving in
Yes, I'm sure you can see if I don't answer
I ain't foolin' no one

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