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Cry Lyrics

Anita Lipnicka


Cry Song Lyrics

Cry by Anita Lipnicka

Sometimes I almost feel You
Right beside me
Sometimes I almost sense
Your worming touch
No matter where I go
I look around me
Hoping to be blessed
With Your smile

And then I take
Someone else’s face for Yours
And then I give
My trembling heart away
And when I realise
It wasn’t you, for sure
I run and cry for my mistakes…

Sometimes I’m so impatient
I paint my lips red
To help You recognize me
In the crowd
If I knew your name
It would be easier
But I don’t even know
The colour of Your eyes

So I take
Someone else’s eyes for Yours
And then I let my self
Drown in them
And when I realize
It didn’t help at all
I run and cry for my mistakes…

So, come and find me, baby
‘Cause I am almost 30
And I don’t have no more time to waste
Come and hold me , honey
‘Cause life’s no longer funny
When I wake up all alone in empty bed

I don’t wanna take
Nobody’s arms for yours
Don’t wanna let my self
Get lost in them
Don’t wanna go, no more
For second best
And then run and cry for my mistakes

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