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Animit, The - The unfortunate truth lyrics

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The unfortunate truth by Animit, The

I’ve been wandering around in this monotone sound
Convinced my emotion has died
And I help my friends with their burnt split ends
Asking why their love’s been tried
Now after all this time
I’ve been wandering around and I’m
Pessimistic towards sight
I see no possible way to hear my mind say
Hey Sean; you’ve done something right
The cream is dropped into
The brew of my conscious mind
[The storm] is passing through
And I am missing the eye
Why can’t life pretend?
The wave is balanced and it won’t subside
We’re faltering
And it’s making me want to
Cry for you
I should get the clue
That love is not on life’s side
It opposes me and reality
Yes it even tries to contradict time
But I’m feeling tired and lost
Lost in the sea of your eyes
Our stars aren’t even crossed
It feels that way in my mind
It’s a good thing you don’t feel
The way that I’d want you to feel
For life would take you away
And from reality
It would tear you into a trillion pieces
And throw you across the sky
Shatter dimensions in perpetuem
Until both of us die
So we take the fall
It’s not your fault
It’s not my fault
You know
We are just victims of balanced times
Yes we’ll fall
We all will fall
All to fall again
Until your love is tried
Won’t someone prove me wrong?
I would want nothing more
You know we can’t see were at stale
When nature steps in
But it feels so goddamn right
When I hold the soothsayer in my arms
It’s free falling
And strapped to the back of my arms
In this one true place
Lost at sea
When we find the wave beats both of our minds
And I’ll keep you safe and warm
If you remember how to touch my hands
And well sail with life
And reality as it lands
On this one beauty
Beauty that locks as it binds
My eye to your mind
But we can never forget this unfortunate truth

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