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An Handful Of Dust - We Are Alone lyrics

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We Are Alone by An Handful Of Dust

Living the day in which darkness bounds with the light
You loose the meaning of tears spent in loneliness
Through the beats of life you shake snow weighting you down
Aiming at the light that surrounds you
I give up to what belongs to me
To what I realize I'm part of
I understand but I cannot accept fear of no-life
Maybe is too far past boundary that melted
The shelter of my soul now is crumbled
And no one will be able to fix it
I don't care 'cause I'm part of it
My veins, the roots of my being
As a connection links us with the inexplicable
Gentle force rooted in life
In the end we're only trees in a forest
Call it greatness, but you're carved in it
My fears returned
(We) never went away, we always (been) there
My life is back
So much time you lost, your life is at end
The light grew bigger
But can't you see that is surrounded by darkness?
It doesn't scare me, it's part of me
How can't you feel this despair,
I'm part of this, even if I die
You think so but it's your illusion
That's not true, this is love
Yes, but don't you see that we are alone?
This is love
We are alone
This is love
I don't belong to me anymore
Because now I know that
We are alone

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