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Angel - Open Book lyrics

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Open Book by Angel

Chapter one I found out how to break
How a heart could ache
How to take gracefully
Chapter two I found somebody new
Chapter three it didn't work out again
Now baby here I am
My heart is an open book
Baby take a look
You can read it from cover to cover
It's no mystery I give you every part of me ya
It's all here in white and black
All the wrong and right
If you wanna be my lover
Cover to cover
I'm an open book
So you see I'm all about
And nothing in between
No compromise
No Secrets in my eyes
That's who I am and it will never change
If you're on the same page
(Repeat Chorus x1)
I could fall in love with you
It would be so easy to do
But you gotta help me right a happy ending
(Repeat Chorus x1)

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