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Andy Mineo - Paganini lyrics

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Paganini by Andy Mineo

[Verse 1: Andy Mineo]
What you wanna do
Act loco?
Hit em with the old to the flow
That I grew up on then I grem up on
I’m funny now how I flow for Hova
Heh, words twisted, but you on sober
Never really been the type to pomp
When I get this thang going on like the slob
Mouth open like when I ??
But I bet they won’t stop me yodeling yo
I’mma show off every ablity God giving me to go off in
And aint nobody mad about the beauty of the vatican and tabernacle
So, when I’m rapping you can add it in
Looking, we finna shatter
They wanna put me in a place with patterns
I’mma damage em’
God be the original, we brag
Look at em’
[Hook: Andy Mineo]
I feel like I’m Paganini
I feel like I’m Paganini
[Verse 2: KB]
Uhh, lemme do it
K to the second letta
Finna get it poppin’
Comin’ out the pocket like
Everybody get to rockin’, doing the Paganini
It be my time like a violin
Give it to em’ like I’m not a human

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