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Andrew Jackson Jihad - All Of My Woulds lyrics

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All Of My Woulds by Andrew Jackson Jihad

All of my woulds and all of my coulds
In a big gray room together
All my regrets and all of my shoulds
Separate tables eating dinner
Everything I could've done better
The reverb could've been a bit wetter
And now I hear that it doesn't matter anyway
So why all the pain?
All my mistakes and all of my bad takes
Making sweet love in a dumpster
Destructive desires that rage like the fires
In the Western states in the summer
You think it's ever gonna get better?
Or will we just keep on getting dumber and number?
I dedicate it all to my mother today
Man, how 'bout that pain?
If life is not some gift we're receiving
If it's devoid of every actual meaning
If this is real, this feeling I'm feeling today
Then why all the pain?
Why all the pain?
Why all the pain?

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