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Andrew Jackson Jihad - A Big Day For Grimley lyrics

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A Big Day For Grimley by Andrew Jackson Jihad

I went back to the desert, little Midwest in me
And now I am colder than I used to be
I live in a fortress the shape of my body
And now there's a coldness, and it's shaped like me
Now I don't suffer any more bullsh*t gladly
Even though everything's bullsh*t now, here in 2019
And you can bet it's gonna be a bunch of bullsh*t too out in sweet 2020
Or whenever this album's released
I went back to the desert with a skull full of teeth
But now I am quieter than I thought I'd be
I came back to the desert, and the desert came into me
And now there's a quietness, and it's deafening
Solitude for the stoic
Mirth for the merry
A quiet room for the overwhelmed
Arcades for the ADHD
Health for the sickly
A big day for Grimley
Good luck, everybody
Good luck, everybody

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