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Anchors - Fast Escapes And Lucky Breaks lyrics

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Fast Escapes And Lucky Breaks by Anchors

We watched the rain come down on our old hometown every other week
And if I seem a little off it's because I just can't seem to find my feet.
But I'll make it alright the beating drums strike down like thunder
And keep me moving faster now, we're falling forward and losing years like friends.
I called you from a payphone and said "I'm sorry to call but I gotta know,
What the fuck happened to us all?"
It never ends, so let me off
Because we're going nowhere anyway,
So what the fuck does it matter if I stay right here
With a soul and a song, so sing along.
And it's like holding rain in a worried heart and sewing up my wounded pride,
So fuck them all and their wrecking balls because this is where I'll stay,
So it's three cheers for fast escapes and lucky breaks and a toast to close calls.
Forget every fucking nightmare, count your blessings and start again.

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