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Anasasis - Cut My Heart Again (Amber) lyrics

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Cut My Heart Again (Amber) by Anasasis

Truth behind the lies,
I miss the laughs we had,
Though we won't have that,
Not now or tomorrow too,
Just think, This is the nicest,
Hello – Goodbye,
Stronger friendships have nothing on us,
Maybe we acted like fools,
But that's something we'll remember,
I'll hold you close to my heart,
That's where you belong,
So when the world turnt it's back on you,
You had my shoulder to cry on,
I knew when we met, I wouldn't forget,
Your gorgeous smile,
No one needs a clue when I'm with you,
You pushed me around,
In the trolley through colonnades,
We should've taken photos,
Now that I think of it,
I should have always recorded videos of us,
It seems like every time I get someone amazing,
They vanish into thin air and leave me behind,
That's the reason why I'm writing this,
Tears cannot consume me,
These words will last forever,
And when they start to fade away,
I'll remind you who I am,
And we'll be happy again,
We exchanged numbers,
You sent me texts about having sex,
We laughed and fucked each other infront of the others,
Making them jealous, Though they wont admit it,
They saw the happiness we shared when we held hands,
They saw the bright smile drop off my face when I heard you were leaving,
Amber, Whoa,
You put these scars on my heart,
They will never heal,
I'm glad you were part of my life,
Even if it was for a little while,
No. No, I can't watch you go,
I'm glad I cried, got it over with,
Because if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be,
The raping physco I am now,
Amber, Whoa!
Please cut my heart again,
Please cut my heart again,
Please cut my heart again….
(Amber, Whoa, Amber, Oh-Oh, Amber, Cut My Heart Again)

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