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Ana Kefr - Paedophilanthrope lyrics

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Paedophilanthrope by Ana Kefr

NAMBLA is the Catholic church's official North American branch.
"They've immolated our children upon their altars of bloodshed and burning
- Moloch and Tophet - for with the sounding of the trumpet comes the beast to
Raze the congregation, the promise of Wormwood.
"Let's blast the sixth trumpet, and pour forth the plague of our judgment.
Cast their pedophile's messiah to the flames and slit the throat of each
Jesus loves the little children of the world. Exit the corridor of
Paedophilanthrope, how blessed are the weak ones. Paedophilanthrope, they
Prey upon the children.
"Give them the persecution and death that they lust for."
Nothing will wash away the stain, misanthroat.
"These sons and daughters of maggots and men, these wolves in priests'
Clothing -
If we don't bury them they'll do it again."
Paedophilanthrope, how blessed are the children. Paedophilanthrope, preying
Upon their weakness.
"This violation will never stop until the last priest's throat is cut."

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