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On & On Lyrics

Amber Mark


On & On Song Lyrics

On & On by Amber Mark

3 am oh how the time fly by
Keep staring into the night sky I
I'm just looking for a reason why
Got too much cooped up in my mind

I'm so freaking overwhelmed, oh no
I don't even trust myself no more
Reaching out without connection
So lost can't even see my own reflection

That's it how f**ked it is
Look to a pool of giving up feel like jumping in
Keep saying that I'll be OK
But I stay waiting for that sunny day
Yeah, yeah
When your heart felt so apart
And you just don't feel good enough to reach for them stars
It's like I'm one in each and every day
But is it winning if it's always
Third place

No matter how hard I try
I can't seem to find the light
Feeling like there's more to life
Wish that I could see the signs
But when it gets tough
What is done is done
Surrender to all problems
On and On
(On & On & On & On & On & On & On &)

I've never been more confused
My confidence won't come through
Lost so much it's hard to tell
What's fake and what's myself
Thinking I'm not good enough
I'm begging to be given a sign
'Cause I keep holding me back and
My mind keeps taking me so off track

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