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Amateur Transplants - Pink Eye lyrics

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Pink Eye by Amateur Transplants

Here I am, once again.
My feet sway over the deep end.
This edge I'm sitting on seems
Lonely, too.
I guess it's true, just what they say,
This town kills everyone, L.A.
And I'd kill everyone, too.
Everyone but you.
Yeah, you can stay.
I'm breaking out this time.
This circle dance of mine
Has got me swaying off the edge.
And I don't talk to anyone.
And I haven't told anybody else,
Since that night that I told you.
There's demons swimming in my head.
So many that they;d turn both my eyes red.
But I'm such a coward that they
Turn them pink instead.
Pink instead.
I know you've heard it all before.
I'm sorry I fucked up, don't ignore
Me anymore than I can stand to ignore you.
It's always hard to tell the truth to you.
I hate myself enough for both of us, so you don't have to.
Sit back and watch me come unglued.
I hate myself enough for everyone, so they don't have to.

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