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Amateur Transplants Lyrics

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Album: Fitness To Practice

Album: Have Yourself A Sweary Little Christmas

A Little Italy Rag
All That I Had Left (Left With You)
Amazing Grace (Used To Be Her Favorite Song)
Anything You Want
Ashes Of Love
Beautiful Lies
Big Ole Brew
Carl Streator Might Have Been On To Something
Christmas No. 12
Cold, Cold Rain
Dancin' With The One You Love
Dancing The Night Away
Della's Long Brown Hair
Does Your Face Hurt? Cuz It's Killing Me
Drum Machine
Emma Jean
Enter Sandman: The Wussy Version Without The Guitar Solo
Everybody's Talked Too Much
Farther On Down The Road
Fool For The Woman
Give Me The Flowers While I'm Living
Hit The Nail On The Head
Homestead In My Heart
I Pity The Mother And The Father
I'll Be Gone
If I Can't Have My Air Guitar, I Don't Want No Air
If I Can't Have My Air Guitar, I Don't Want No Air At All
If I Could Only Breathe Underwater
If I Just Knew What To Say
If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody
If You Love It So Much...Then Why Don't You Marry
International Gamers Committee
Into Your Heart
Jaime's Song
Just Between You And Me And The Wall
King Of The Cowboys
Last Letter Home
Life's Railway To Heaven
Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette)
Living On Borrowed Time
Love And Happiness
My Tears Still Flow
Oh, Lucky Me
Or So You Say
Out Of The Blue
Out Of The Snow
Pink Eye
Possum Kingdom (Instrumental)
Rednecks Unplugged
Rodrigo, Rita And Elaine
Same Ol' Me
Shankill Butchers
So When Did Everyone In A Band Become Such A Hair Farmer?
The Ella B
The End Is Not In Sight (The Cowboy Tune)
The Rock
The Thought Police
These Dreams Of Losing You
Third Rate Romance
Who Will The Next Fool Be
Wild Night
You Left The Water Running

Album: Other Songs

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