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Al Stewart - Beleeka doodle day lyrics

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Beleeka doodle day by Al Stewart

I could have gone to Cambridge with Lionel I think I tried to raise a pound Just to see the University And find the scenes she hung aroundIs your mind a menagerie Perhaps, I mean it's hard to say A pterodactyl built its nest on me I'm feeling strange but quite OK On this beleeka doodle dayArchimedes and his orchestra Loudly disapprove of life Got mad when I called them unmusical Tried to land me with a wifeOut in San Francisco's wonderland The purple poet kneels to pray But I just hang around your city and I don't have anything to say On this beleeka doodle dayI had a week once in Italy With Mike and Robin and some songs I had a girl once in Sweden but I haven't seen her for too longI drift down to the Cousins and The usual people were all there I saw a girl in the soft red light I smiled but she looked away On my beleeka doodle dayI wrote a song just before the dawn And then I lost it now its gone I spent all day playing Monopoly It seemed to feel like getting onSometimes I wonder how it feels to be Paul McCartney or the Queen I wonder how they'd feel if they were me I think its gonna start to rain On this beleeka doodle dayOh Jack the Ripper and Hippocrates They're out to get me in the end I think they'll find me by the ruined trees Without a candle or a friend Then they'll bring me to the wizard's cave Softly mould me into clay And lock me in with no telephone And laugh and throw the keys away On my beleeka doodle daySo to Avril and I would like to give My thanks for lending me your room I stayed one night, ah but I had to go I think I'll maybe come back soonOf all the girls that I have ever known There wasn't one who didn't play They came and went just like the newspapers And left me mere to find my way Through my beleeka doodle day

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