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Alas Tyranny - [I]nvincible lyrics

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[I]nvincible by Alas Tyranny

I -- invincible, conquest is mine
The soul I've conquered is limp willed to rebel
I -- irresistible, master and the slave
Domination and Servitude
With these hands my sins have made
Tearing apart this fleshy exterior
Ripping apart this slab of mankind
Stomach, esophagus in my grip
Nails scratch at a still beating heart
Murderous gore, a frenzied delight
Enraptured in this animal conquest
The demon inside me screams in glee
Covered in blood I'll see you die
Heart pounding, with animal lust
Mind crushing under pressure
I am a tool of the demon
I can't escape his will
I have taken control
Of this sickly soul
Yours to conquer, mine to enjoy
My hateful grip is unrelenting
You and I, we're undivided
So follow me in my hateful conquest
This isn't the plan, you betray my intent
Evil embodied, and you thought to trust?
Murder accomplished; some chaos inspires
On to my next task; forced carnal desires
I lure my prey deep down in my lair
I betray your trust and your virgin instinct
Naked and helpless you lay before me
You screams for mercy but serve to engorge me
Pleasure stabbing into your innocence
Mercilessly I bring you destiny
Have I lost control of my mind's capacity
Am I one, or have I been hijacked?
Deceiver deceived, a breach in contract
This monster lies within myself
Now, what is the truth?
Domination, or domin e?
Am I fated as the one?
Chaos enthroned, a death reminder
I've lost my grip on this soul
Betray my trust, stab in my back, I despise me
My worthless word is a guarantee of nothing, but
The horrible power of determination

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