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Agans Craig - Symphony #4 lyrics

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Symphony #4 by Agans Craig

Caught in numbers, steel machines, face flat on cold desk
Errors, systems, directions, could I really care less?
Aside from all these trucks and cars, and vacant spiral stares
Are visions of infinity from people who don't care..
These schedules clocks, and stopwatches, and plastic bank accounts
It sends a shiver up my spine, and fills my mind with doubts
Because anything is only big relative to it's size
And there is something else that's hidden, you will soon realize..
The wishful thinker terrifies the man behind the mask
For it is he, authority, who will be taken to task
Despite his preachings and noble words he has a dark side too
And video cameras will keep him pent up in his personal zoo..
Fierce crusaders fighting battles lost long ago
Tripping over old truths that they can't see any more
Battling warlords left and right, they know will always win
Feeling that if they weren't to do so, it would be a sin..

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