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Agalloch - Long Time lyrics

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Long Time by Agalloch

In the cold again, stuck on the roadside
Nothin' is workin' right of anything that I tried
Too late, for wakin' up and smellin' it
It knocked me on my ass and now I
Ain't got time to dwell on it
A long time, A very long time,
It's been a long, been a very, very, very long time...
Einstein, he wrote in his diary
You've gotta prove yourself if your idea is too fiery
Keep on workin', Van Morrison said it best
Why must you explain if you've already passed the test?
A long time, A very long time,
You have to explain for a very, very, very long time...
My line's the finer side of lawlessness,
I'm stuck with the other side, it usually is loneliness
A fine line, a very fine line
It's a very really very, very, very fine line
There's a woman who lives on the river
Most of what she has is what I had to give her
From the sky, it came from the sky
Most of what she has it came down from the sky...
Deacon, his Lunchbox like a beacon
Landed with a bombshell wherever he was speakin'
Of Omni Beer, of Omni Omni Beer
Of goin' to the Omni for some Omni, Omni, Omni Beer
But now he's gone, knocked out on the roadside
Where the state troopers even have a fear to stride
A long time, a very long time
The man'll be dead for a very, very, very long time...
In a dream, the letters were on the book
Whose handwriting it was is what I mistook
Come back, it'll come back
Just wait and little by little it'll come back
I'm on the road again, takin' the slow ride
It's worth more now for all the things that I have tried
One L, it's got one L
There's only one L, lonely only, only, only L...

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