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Agalloch - Dirty Mind lyrics

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Dirty Mind by Agalloch

Well have you ever been watching someone
Who thinks that they're alone?
Or see a rat on the highwire that
Carries your telephone
Across the bay to Oklahoma, Georgia and
The Continental Divide
In the shadows there's a thief who's listening
For his message to arrive
From a Dirty Mind
To a Dirty Mind
There's two lovers beneath the streetlamp
And a dog up in the tree
There's a souped up stereo racing an ambulance
Right down Avenue C...
But what is it that you are thinking
With so many eyes on you
That you just keep on inviting with
Every little thing you ever do
To crawl on past your booots
As far as they can reach
The revolving door is busy tonight
And inspiration is of course divine
To a Dirty Mind
From a Dirty Mind
But you teach me the value
Of sentimentality
A whole lot of nothin' is
What I've been carryin' around with me...
But what is it that you are feeling
With so many hands on you
That just try to grab and get a piece of
Every little thing you ever do?
You swing your shivering legs into your Thunderbird
That's a Nineteen Eighty Five
Girls become women as the hour grows late
If you're slow you might be left behind
With a Dirty Mind
From a Dirty Mind
But did things just used to happen
Now you have to do all by yourself?
Getting old is terminal and
Around here, it's contageous as hell...

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