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Afroman - Jobe bells lyrics

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Jobe bells by Afroman

Dashing through these hoe’s
Cadillac’s and 64s
Oh 3 wheels we go
Clocking lots of dow
Cell phone ring tone ring
My sound beat cause I got high
Smoking weed cause I got the police flying by
Jingle bell east Palmdale Jobe is back and I’m whack
You found your daughter efalicatering you mad cause I am black
f**ked her good Just like I should
Pick up on her balloon
Didn’t use a condom and now we got a problem
She having my baby in June
I know this holiday, know this holiday
I think her name is Jane
And if you aint got no money
She’s got a layaway plan
Got a blowjob from her friend
I think her name is Glena
My dick popped out her mouth
She couldn’t get no oxygen
Oh jingle bell County jail
Jobes from the hood
Skinny women suck my dick real good
But they butt check feel like wood ouch
I be swimming in big fat women
When I’m in the sack
Why a skinny little bicycle b**ch when I can ride a Cadillac
I meet this beautiful woman
She said she was Hawaiian
She said she didn’t like black guys
However she was lying
She see my go day tone
All my coops and cuts
She licked my hairy balls
Like chocolate coconuts
Oh Jingle bell Shotgun shell
Sheriff got a gun
He pull the trigger shot that nigger
Look at that mo f**ker run
Oh Hit him in the head
Kick him the ass put a knee cap in his chest
Went to the court and told the judge
This man was resisting arrest

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