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Music Video

Frost Lyrics

Adult Mom


Frost Song Lyrics

Frost by Adult Mom

This pain in my neck persists since the accident
The Vermont license plate I hit
Came out apologizing
The only way I got to know him
Was through a crash and exchange
Of insurance information

Now I pay for it in the physical sense
And the literal way
My bank statement can relay
And the way my foot stomps down
On the brake when I feel afraid
Kinda similar to the way
I am with loving these days

I'm not cruising just yet
I've been alone for two full rotations of seasons
I've been hot and cold
I've seen frost melt off slow

No one on my mind
No one to wait for or pine
And I've been doing just fine
I've not known love for a long time

In my bed in the morning
Is when it comes back to haunt
I wrap my arms around the air
I feel the pain shift to my shoulders
I'm aware I might be too good at being alone
I might be too good at closing myself off
No one can let me out but myself

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