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Adam Sandler - Sloppy Joe lyrics

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Sloppy Joe by Adam Sandler

here we go
no no no (whoo ooh)
piece of sh*t car,
i gotta piece of sh*t car
that f**king pile of sh*t
never gets me very far.
my cars a big piece of sh*t
cause the shocks are f**king shot,
and my seatbelts f**kin broken,
i got to tie em in a knot. (its a piece of sh*t)
i cant see through the windshield
cause its got a big f**king crack,
and the interrior smells real bad
cause my friend puked in the back. (its a piece of sh*t)
(piece of sh*t car) piece of sh*t car
(hes gotta piece of sh*t car)
it sucks royal dick (that f**kin pile of sh*t, never gets him very far)
oh f**k you car.
its got no CD player,
its only got the 8-track.
whoever designed my car
can lick my sweaty nut sack. (they can bite his ass too)
and i got no f**king brakes,
im always way out of control,
11 times a day i hear "hey watch it a**hole" (you f**king piece of sh*t).
(piece of sh*t car)
i've got a piece of sh*t car (hes got a piece of sh*t car).
diesel gas sucks my ass! (that f**king pile of sh*t)
that pile of metal sh*t (never gets him very far.)
oh what the f**k did i do,
what the f**k did i do,
what the f**k did i do,
to get stuck with you?
you're too loud for drive-thru
and you smell like the shoe,
but im too broke to buy something new.
ah f**k me.
the engine likes to flood,
the car always f**king stalls,
and the seat cushions got a big rip
so a spring always pokes the balls. (ouch ouch ouch)
plus the doorlocks are busted,
i got to use a f**king coat hanger. (what a pain in his ass)
and if a girlie sees my car,
theres no chance i'll ever bang her. (he'll never ever get the pussy)
hey shut up!
(piece of sh*t car)
you piece of sh*t car. (hes gotta piece of sh*t car)
you piece of sh*t car (piece of sh*t car)
no f**king tires (hes got a piece of sh*t car)
no rearview f**king mirror (piece of sh*t car)
73 colors (hes got apiece of sh*t car)
f**king rag for a gas cap (piece of sh*t car)
tailpipe making sparks fly everywhere (piece of sh*t car)
whoaaaa the whole town thinks im a loser (piece of sh*t car)
give me a push!

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