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Adam Brand - One Can Be A Lot lyrics

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One Can Be A Lot by Adam Brand

I ducked into the church one sunday, just to get out of the rain.
Sat down in the very back row in time to hear the preacher say
Before we bow our heads let me leave you with this thought
Do one good turn to can be a lot
Just one sun lights the sky. Just one moon turns the tide.
A man can change the world with just one thought.
One promise made can last forever
Just one rock will bend a river
One god up in heaven is all we've got
But sometimes one can be a lot
I used to be a drinking man. But that's putting it polite
I drank away my heart and soul, my daughter and my wife
God knows that i've been trying to get back what i lost
I've been sober one year now...but one can be a lot.
Standing in this phone booth. Trying to find my nerve
I'm about to ask for what i know i don't deserve
Rehearsing every word before i let that gold coin drop
Won't you give e one more can be a lot
Yeah sometimes... One can be a lot

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