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Adam Brand - Ate too much at christmas lyrics

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Ate too much at christmas by Adam Brand

I ate too much at Christmas
I ate too much at Christmas
I swore I wouldn't do this
But I ate myself into this
And if I do get through this
I'll never do it again
Celeste: Hey Soph the roast is ready
Sophie: Righto!
We'll have some roast pork, roast beef, fried chicken,
Leg of lamb, piece of steak, sausages, a chop or two,
Smoked ham, rissoles, spare ribs, a big stuffed turkey,
Lamb shanks, meat pies and beef jerky, roast duck,
Grilled fish, boiled yabbies, kangaroo, tiger prawns,
Squid rings
Oh my god, I'm gonna spew
Sophie: Hey Less, you reckon we could fit in some nibblies?
Celeste: Oh yeah I reckon we could
We'll have some cheese and biccies, olives 'n' dip,
Cabana, salsa, Jatz and Ritz, corn chips, gaucamole,
Pretzels, pizza shapes, apricots, strawberries, camembert,
Red grapes, Cheezels, Twisties, Burger Rings and then
Coleslaw, pumpkin
Oh up it comes again
Celeste: Hey Soph, I feel like some lollies
Sophie: Yeah so do I
We'll have some Smarties, jelly beans, Jaffas,
Marshmallows, Fantales, Curly Whurlies, cool for a Chocito,
Columbines, Crunchie, Gummy Bears, Tic Tacs,
Violet Crumble, Picnic, Mars Bar, Kit Kat, Coke
And Lemonade, Passiona, Sunkist,
Looks like I might have to go to the dentist
Sophie: OK Less, put your teeth back in,
We've gotta have our pudding
Celeste: Oh OK
We'll have some fruit cake, rum balls, mince pie, vanilla
Slice, cheese cake, donuts, ice cream, cherry ripe, chocolate,
Trifle, candy canes, hedgehog, Christmas pudd,
Brandy sauce,
Apple pie, Freddo Frog, Pav and custard nice and thick
I might wash it down with a cup of cold sick
God we eat a lot, Less
Soph we're really hopeless
'Cause next year when it's Christmas
We'll all do it again

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