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Abstract Spirit - Face The Nightmare lyrics

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Face The Nightmare by Abstract Spirit

Drowned in ashes all above, consumed in orgies of greed
As bloodlust satisfied, as a sin burns one's eyes,
... and flesh gets colder losing the attitude to the world...
Currently obsessed I am by upcoming decay.
Forgiveness which I can't reach
Is like slime under my feet...
Impossible to raise, too much to take away...
To be looking at the beauty of punishment
In murderous details...
A moment of justice's triumph...
Trample faith in your rotten heart...
Useless words can kill the truth...
Useless warmth can enrage oneself,
Faith can't save you if you are guilty...
Deformed are all the hopes, all the tears have dried.
Self-confidence have died caressed with gritty ropes.
In suffering entwined is all the pain of my past,
I am forever lost, condemned to fail.
Rusty locks without keys...
Biased heads are depraved...
Whatever that stays without changes,
Breeds constancy...
Throughout belts and loops,
Throughout shackles and chains,
I summon the spirit of mercy,
I summon the beast of judgment.
Trembling with fear,
I look into the eyes
Of my reflection,
And I face the nightmare...

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