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Abs - Seven ways lyrics

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Seven ways by Abs

i dont know who but it wasnt me
he wasnt all that u thought he'd be
an then broke ur heart, girl u should have let me know
coz u left the kind of heart for me to show
just how it feels wen im next to you
coz dem otha girls are nothing next to you
no doubt in my mind coz i know its you
so tell me lady wot you wanna do
coz loving you, its all that i know girl
why wud i lie
if you want me to, i'll give you just a little more time to decide
if i could be (if i could be)
your everything (your everything)
just you to me (just yu to me)
your everything
im looking in the mirror at 5 am
waiting for your call in the pouring rain
sugar coated kiss and a lipstick mark
there are 7 ways of breaking my heart
coded conversation and bad tv
loosing all origional chemistry
walking back and dancing on ____________
there are 7 ways of breaking my heart
turn off the TV
we need to talk about the way, co i thought i heard you say
something bout not bing there for you
so what do i have to do to show i care for you
im saying i could be the one, no more playing girls for fun
baby let me prove i got just what you need
if you give me half a chance to,
romance you
coz u made me feel complete
a couple nights gone by
she aint called yet and i dnt know why
could it be i didnt give enough attention
or was it sumfin that i said or didnt mention
slow down
too damn fast
bounce with another chick wih a fine ass
not me
got the other girl on hold
i was on line 2 she was going on cold

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